Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pregnancy-- First Trimester up to 6 weeks

I’ve gotta tell you, it’s been quite a journey. I honestly didn’t believe that I would be able to get pregnant so quickly without any effort. With having a cycle that had been messed up for a year at this point, I was pretty nervous that I was going to need to some help getting pregnant. But God had a different plan for Kirk and I.

1 month ago, after having some nagging feeling in the back of my head the entire week, I convinced myself to take a pregnancy test. For those of you who know me personally, I have very little patience. I am also very unexperienced with taking pregnancy tests so instead of waiting the 3 minutes it says to wait, I waited 30 seconds, saw the first line show up and threw it out. However, that nagging feeling didn’t go away. I believe it was God trying to make me aware of the fact that I was indeed pregnant. At the time I was on a low calorie restricted diet and was working out pretty hard. I hadn’t had any symptoms other than just feeling a bit moody and tired during my usual work outs. Before going to bed, I gave in to that nagging feeling, and went and took the pregnancy test that I had thrown out earlier out of the garbage. A second line, white light, was starring back at me.

Trying to keep myself calm I went and showed my husband Kirk and we decided I would test again in the morning. 3 tests later at 7:30 am we got to call our family and wake them up. I was indeed pregnant.

This has been by far the HARDEST secret I have ever had to keep. Being so excited about such a beautiful miracle and I couldn’t share it with the world yet. It pretty much sucked! haha. I did spill the beans to several close friends and then after our first initial appointment we announced to the world, Kirk, Kali and I were expecting!!




At the time, we thought I was 8 weeks along according to my last period. I should have known better :) With all of my health problems I had, after getting our first ultra sound it showed that I was 5 weeks and 4 days, 3 weeks off of what we thought. At first, I was pretty frustrated because I had my eye on getting to that 12 week mark to get out of the higher percentage of having a miscarriage. But now I look at it as a blessing. It just shows me that God wanted me to know pretty early on about Baby K and to be able to enjoy all of the amazing things going on inside my body.




I’m not going to lie, about 6 weeks and 3 days the nausea, food aversions and fatigue hit me hard. At first I wasn’t able to prepare food without feeling like I was going to throw up. I stuck mostly to gluten free sandwiches and salads made by a local organic shop down the stress, and tons of fruit! At first all I wanted were clementines! I was eating 3-4 per day at least!! Meat and green veggies grossed me the heck out! Sound a mind shift from the ways I was eating just a month ago. I have read that most women early in pregnancy get food aversions to green veggies and protein because they have a higher chance of bacteria. Our bodies are SMART. They know what’s up!!

I have also been sleeping a ton– at least 9 hours per night (no naps yet) laying a round a lot, having spurts of being super hyper A.D.D. and then crashing hard. My breasts have been hurting and have already doubled in size and the bloating in my tummy is not so flattering.

Current changes to my exercise regimen: When I first found out I was pregnant, I was continuing to do the 21 day fix extreme and just taking the intensity down, and trying to talk or sing throw each move to know I was at the right intensity level. Tomorrow I start a pregnancy hybrid I’ve created using the new Beachbody on Demand service that has a mixture of dancing work outs, stretching/yoga, weight training and light cardio. I can’t wait to start!

Daily Rituals: Besides the 9 hours of sleep, I am making sure I am drinking over a gallon of water per day, drinking lemon water as much as possible (helps the babies brain develop) dry brushing (especially around my stomach and hips to help avoid stretch marks) and lathering up with homemade lotion.

Current cravings in week 6: Fruit, gluten free pizza, chocolate chip cookies and ice-cream.

Changes to my body:  Besides the bloating, I have noticed that my lower abs cannot be pulled in AT ALL which makes me think that uterus is starting to stretch, the cramping from week 3-5 has finally stopped, my breasts have grown, I am having dandruff which is so super fun (haven’t had this in years!) and my sense of smell is INSANE. I feel like i have super powers!!!

Update on the baby according to the OVIA app:  Right now, since the update on week 6, Baby K’s brain is growing like crazy, bones are solidifying, the uterus is expanding (yay), his/her legs are starting to form, the spleen is being formed and blood has begun to course through the babies body. Baby K is the size of a main Blueberry :)


That is my update for week 6 ;)

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Pregnancy-- First Trimester up to 6 weeks