Monday, April 6, 2015

Pregnancy Week 7

I feel like this pregnancy is already flying by. We told so early, which made me very anxious, but I do believe God has a plan for all of this and because of him, I was able to find out earlier. Week 7 was pretty rough. I was really apathetic to food and felt extremely drained. I switched my work outs fully to my streaming “pregnancy hybrid” that is a mixture of short HIIT cardio, stretch and strength training and ate whatever I could get myself to eat. My diet consisted mostly of chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles) from a can since my kitchen is being renovated right now (ahhhhh!) , bananas gluten free crackers, grapes and ice-cream. Veggies were a no go. From having a nutrition background and KNOWING that I need to eat those in order to help my body grow healthy it was killing me that even the sight of broccoli or kale made me nauseous, let alone the smell!

Baby K at week 7 is the size of a blueberry! And lots of changes started happening!! No wonder I was feeling so tired & nauseous! So many things going on inside of me as well as the baby!


We went for our “10 week check up” (which we really knew I was only 7 weeks) and the Dr. said everything looked good so far. My blood work came back good and she was pretty surprised that we had gotten pregnant in February.I had told her in September, before our Wedding when I was having issues with my cycle that I wanted to be pregnant by February. She told me at the time to just relax and have fun…needless to say, once a planner always a planner. We did indeed get pregnant in February. God definitely had a bigger agenda for us!

We also got to see the little bugger for the first time through an ultrasound. I cannot even express in words how AMAZING it is to see and hear your baby! The heart beat was 153 bpm and we could see the heart beating! It looked a lot like a little twinkle! I was pretty surprised I didn’t cry…I had imagined I would…but I didn’t :) I was moreso in awe of how this little miracle was inside of me. Hearing that heart beat for the first time pushed away all of my fears. While it may just a little blurred dot to you…to Kirk and I, that’s our baby. Our baby that is growing and changing every day!


I am so very blessed to have other women in my family who are pregnant as well. My cousin Tesa is 29 weeks with a baby girl, and Jenna is 33 weeks with twin girls! The girl gene is strong on both Kirk and I’s sides, so I guess we will see what we’re going to have. I’m not going to lie, I really wanted a girl at the beginning but now I am REALLY wanting a little boy. Too bad I have no control over that what-so-ever…Guess we’ll have to wait another 8 more weeks to find out!


Today started week 8. I cannot wait to tell you everything that happens this week because I already feel different. I woke up this morning with a starving stomach and the WANT for food. That hasn’t happened in quite some time. I still get nauseous thinking about sweet potatoes, almond butter, broccoli and chicken. Maybe because I was eating a whole heck of a lot of those before I got pregnant and my body is telling me to slow my roll ;)

Weekly cravings: Grapes and hummus–weird I know! Not together…separate ;)

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Pregnancy Week 7