Monday, August 11, 2014

Post Workout Ritual

Lately I've been focus a lot on my pre and post work out nutrition and today decided to try something new. After a 2 mile run and hardcore weight training session for my back with BODY BEAST I at a medium sweet potato with 1 tsp of coconut oil and 4 ounces of free range chicken.

Post work out meals should be consumed as soon as you can but there is usually at 1 hour window to get in the proper nutrition you need. You want to make sure that your post work out meal has a good mixture of carbs and protein with minimal fat. Fat slows down the absorption & digestion of the carbs and fat. You want the carbs and fat to get to your muscles ASAP. Chicken and sweet potato are a PERFECT choice(Some tips; prepare the chicken beforehand so you can quickly grab it and reheat ;) )

Another thing that I have been doing is putting BCAAS (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and L glutamine in my water to drink DURING my work out and then afterwards putting 2 more scoops of L glutamine and some lemon in it. Why?? Check this out:

-BCAAS---Amino acids are the essential building blocks of protein. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are amino acids that have a special branched structure, hence the name branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)Taking a BCAA supplement before, during, and after you train is important because BCAAs can help prevent muscle breakdown. If you plan on doing hardcore endurance training, experts recommend using BCAAs to help you maintain energy and minimize protein breakdown. Replacing lost BCAAs-usually 10 grams pre- and post-workout-also helps keep your body anabolic, which is important whether you're slimming or bulking.

-L Glutamine--Each and every time you perform a strenuous workout, your immune system is going to take a hit. This is especially the case if you are performing hard weight lifting workouts or HIIT cardio sessions since these are incredibly demanding on the body from both a muscular sense as well as from a central nervous system point of view.Supplementing with glutamine after intense exhaustive exercise can enhance the ability of the immune system to deal with the stress of the workout.

The second thing that glutamine can help you out with is resythesizing carbohydrates after your workout session. Immediately following weight lifting, the muscles will be depleted of their glycogen reserves, which is why taking in that post-workout meal as soon as possible is so incredibly important.

The faster you can replenish those stores, the faster you will recover from that workout, which means you'll be that much more prepared when you go into the gym for your next workout session.

-Lemon water-- helps maintain that higher metabolism POST work out, replenishes electrolytes that are lost during your work out AND keeps immune system up.

Make sure you are really focusing in on your post work out nutrition. It is so extremely important. If you're working hard in your work outs you want those results to count right? The post work out meal is JUST as important as the actual work out itself ;) 


  1. Yea!! Im soo excited your supplenting with BCAA & L Glutamine!! I also learned about 5 yrs ago, German Creatine or reg...(I use German) & CLA are also EXCELLENT supps. To use to assist in the lean muscle building, And CLA helps with the subcue fat (roght under the skin) takes the "puffy" look away!! With the Creatine, you DEF HAVE TO UP YOUR WATER EVEN help flush out the kidneys!! My fitness model/body builder grlfriends help me with know what supps are up!! I LOVED TODAYS BLOG!! :-)

  2. How much L-Glutamine do you recommend, Meg?

  3. Ashleigh Renner I take around 10 grams :)

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